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New Zealand offers a diverse range of experiences, making it an exciting yet sometimes overwhelming destination to plan. A great starting point is exploring sample itineraries, like the samples we have listed below. These pre-designed journeys showcase various regions, attractions, and activities, giving you a taste of what's possible. Perhaps a South Island adventure with glaciers and fjords sparks your interest, or maybe a North Island cultural immersion with Maori traditions and active geothermal sites feels more authentic for you.  Activities like golf, sailing and wine tasting can also be interwoven into your ideal tour.  


Using these itineraries as a springboard, you can begin tailoring your own dream trip. Make sure to take note of the elements that resonate with you - specific locations, types of activities, or even the overall pace of the itinerary. And we want to help you take this inspiration further! We will craft a personalized itinerary based on your inspiration, interests and preferences ensuring your New Zealand adventure is both unique to you and unforgettable. So, start exploring our sample itineraries, let your imagination wander, and allow us to transform your vision into reality.






14 Day South Island Nature and Wildlife Adventure

Encounter unique wildlife, breathtaking vistas and thrilling activities

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14 Day North Island Culture and Cuisine Discovery Tour

Immerse your self in iconic landmarks, vibrant traditions and tantalizing cuisine

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14 Day Golf and Highlights Bucket List Tour

Play top courses, witness stunning scenery and create unforgettable experiences

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10 Day Wine Sun and Sand Irresistible Escape

Indulge in sunny beaches, exquisite wines, great experiences and consummate luxury

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7 Day Ultimate Jetset Highlights Trek

Epic journey featuring islands, glaciers, fiords, Māori culture and superb luxury

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