Our intent is to make our tour business as environmentally friendly as possible. We will...

…leave a light footprint 

Our intent is to create tours that leave a light footprint on our environment.  This means that wherever possible we will use small, locally owned accomodation and locally sourced food.  Activities will focus on calorie versus carbon-burning forms of transportation like walking, kayaking and bicycling.     


… plant a tree for each guest 

To offset the activities of our tour we will plant a tree for each guest.  It is estimated that this will more than offset the carbon usage for the tour while you are in New Zealand.  This will also contribute to the 'One Billion Tree Project' that the New Zealand government set up, to be planted by 2028.

             …purchase globally sourced                 carbon credits to offset your flight

We purchase carbon credits for you from FlyNeutral which offsets your flight emissions with globally sourced carbon credits. The carbon credits are for projects that represent real, measurable, verified and permanent reductions in carbon emissions. This program is run by Air New Zealand.