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Steve at Attune Travel did a superb job putting together an action-packed itinerary for our three-week family vacation. Each restaurant, activity and accommodation were thoughtfully researched, and our expectations were exceeded on every level. We ate like kings and slept like queens! Our tour circumnavigated the South Island in a Mercedes 15-passenger van. It was quite comfortable, as was the driving. We hiked, kayaked, rode a luge, gondolas, and boats. One of the highlights of the trip was a helicopter ride in Mt. Cook where we got to land on the Tasman Glacier and crack open some celebratory champagne! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only was the planning impeccable, but as a guide, Steve has the knowledge and a great personality to make the difference between an OK trip and an outstanding one. I highly recommend Attune Travel for your New Zealand vacation!

Kathie, USA

We’ve traveled to NZ before, so were hoping for new experiences this time around, and wow, did we get them! Compared to the trip that we planned ourselves, this was so much more abundant with sights, sounds and adventures, and informed with a local knowledge that made every event richer. The South Island has an amazing variety of breathtaking landscapes, and we always had a chance to get great shots. Happily, although we circumnavigated the island (read: lots of driving), we had plenty of time to relax and explore, moving only every 3rd day or so. Thanks for the excellent driving, Steve! Loved that big, comfy van…and the wonderful meals at the restaurants you booked. Great experience in NZ—thanks to Attune Travel!

David, USA

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