Frequently Asked Questions

It would be great to set up a call to discuss your tour, or we can communicate via email if that is more to your liking initially. For either of these we'll need to know about dates, number of people in your group and your budget to get us started. 

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +64 21 716 443. We can answer your questions or set up a time to have a call or a Zoom conference session.

A tour of New Zealand is not a spur-of-the-moment kind of trip! Most of our tours are planned well in advance.  Six months to a year is not uncommon.  In particular, accommodation needs to be reserved well ahead of time as the luxury end of the market sells out first. And the same goes for the special activities and additional mini-tours that can be included in your itinerary. New Zealand's relatively small stature has limited resources to handle the multitude of people that would like to visit each year. We can confirm that great things happen to people that plan now and travel in 6-12 months!

Here is an outline of how the process works:

  • We have an initial discussion about dates, general tour preferences and costs
  • You digitally sign our tour agreement
  • We create a custom itinerary with the best places, sites, activities and cultural events possible using your interests and preferences as our guide
  • We review it together and make adjustments as needed
  • Your first payment is then due which is 50% of the tour cost
  • We confirm all of the reservations
  • We email you a detailed Confirmed Itinerary with links to the accommodation, sites, activities and interesting local information so you can get excited about your upcoming trip!
  • The final payment of 50% is due 60 days prior to your arrival date and then we get everything ready for your wonderful adventure!

We feel that this is better handled by you directly, to make sure you get the best price and have your connections set up to your liking. We just need the details of the group's flight information so we can ensure everything is ready for you upon your arrival.  

Each custom itinerary is individually created for you and with you, based on your interests and preferences. The more information we have the better we do to create a truly custom tour for you. Before the itinerary is finalized, we review it with you (probably several times!) to make sure it covers everything you want. We want you to leave with a lifetime of fond memories and of course many good photos and videos as well!

Once your tour agreement is signed and we're wrapping up work on your is custom itinerary, we require a deposit of 50% so that we can confirm all of the reservations. This can be wired to our bank account here in New Zealand or paid by credit card. The remaining 50% will be due approximately 60 days prior to your arrival.

Yes we do schedule internal flights. For example, if you have a limited amount of time we might choose to shorten the travel time with a flight. Or if you prefer to fly instead of taking the ferry between the islands. We do like to create the tour as a driving tour, however, as this enables you to see and experience more of the country up-close. 

Our terms and conditions require that you purchase travel insurance that covers unexpected cancellations. It really depends on when the cancellation occurs and if you want to re-schedule your trip. We do have cancellation fees which get larger the closer you get to the actual travel date. Those are outlined in our Tour Agreement and can vary based on the specific accommodation you're reserved. If you want to re-schedule then we charge a $1000 per guest change fee and any cancellation penalties that our hotels and activity operators charge us. We would then work with you on getting some new dates set up for your re-scheduled trip. 

If you're from a 'visa waiver' country you can skip the visa process, but you'll still need a NZeTA, which is short for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority.  That will run about $50 NZD and you can find out about that using the following link.  If you need a visa you can check that out here as well.  Keep in mind that you will need at least 3 months before your passport expires from the day you land in New Zealand.

For citizens of countries that have a 'visa waiver' with New Zealand including the United States, you can travel in New Zealand without a visa for up to 90 days.  Please refer to the New Zealand immigration website for your country's status regarding the waiver.  You will need at least 3 months before your passport expires from the day you plan to depart New Zealand.  Please check the expiry dates carefully.  If you have less than 3 months until your expiry you'll have to get a passport renewal prior to your trip. 

However, travellers from a visa waiver country will still need to obtain a NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).  It's quite a simple and quick process to apply online or you can use their free app. It costs just under $50 NZD.  For information on all of these requirements, please go to the following New Zealand government website:

Travellers who need a visa to visit New Zealand do not need a NZeTA in addition to the travel visa.

The weather in New Zealand can be quite varied and unpredictable. Even in the summer months we can experience extremes in temperature, rain and wind. Anything from a perfectly calm, sunny day to a windswept rainy one. The temperature in the summer months averages between 20C and 30C. The winter months average between 10C and 15C. Keep in mind that the northern end of the country is sub-tropical and the south is temperate. 

Other factors will be the altitude - the mountains and glaciers will be quite a bit colder! And cloud cover - the heat really comes out when the sun is shining since we have quite a thin ozone layer in New Zealand. Good sunscreen is a must-have in the summer.  And year-round we recommend packing with layers of clothing so you can peel or add clothes as needed.  

If you're coming for the summer months plan for all types of weather.  A light rain jacket and a small, sturdy umbrella are essential.  The temperature can vary between 10C and 30C.  It's best to bring layered clothing because the climate can change quickly.  Comfortable hiking shoes, a hat, insect repellent and some good 50+ sunscreen are also essential gear for a New Zealand tour. 

Winter travel will require heavier clothing with temperatures averaging from 10C to 15C at sea level.  Rain and snow in the mountains are very common in the winter, and at those altitudes you'll need a thicker jacket, gloves and head cover - like a beanie.

In New Zealand we have just about anything you can think of! But just to give you a few specific examples - there are hikes, short or longer (wilderness, mountains, lakes, bush, beach), fishing, golf, skiing, Maori cultural events, wine tasting, gardens, museums, shopping, and arts and crafts. More adventurous activities could include helicopter rides, airplane rides, boat excursions, jet boating, kayaking, biking, surfing, sailing, water skiing, sky diving, bungee jumping, land luge, horseback riding and even driving a harness racing cart being pulled by a real horse! New Zealand prides itself on creating fun, exciting and outdoorsy adventures that you can enjoy.

It's a combination of 4-5 star lodges, hotels, B&Bs and AirBnB accommodation. We cater to your tastes and budget on this - so it's based on how much you want to spend on your tour. There are options for high-end luxury retreats if you want to splurge on the luxury side. Or maybe just choose one location where you go all-out with luxury. It's up to you. 

We do focus on giving you a unique Kiwi experience and where you may be able to talk to the owners directly and get a better feel for the local culture. B&Bs are great for getting the local perspective.

If you contract COVID while in New Zealand, the current recommendation would be that you would self-isolate for 5 days. If you are symptomatic as you approach your departure date from your home country, health professionals recommend re-scheduling your trip.  Again, travel insurance can help mitigate this risk and provide solutions for this unfortunate circumstance.  Our stated policy is that all guests working with Attune Travel have a travel insurance policy to cover them up to and through the tour. 

You should also check on your airline's COVID policy.  There is some variation in what the airlines require.  

While you are in New Zealand the ACC Program, regardless of your nationality or length of stay, covers accident injuries. Medical issues can be covered with your Travel Insurance, including emergency flights to your home hospital. Again, we recommend you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy for your trip. Your guide will have First Aid training and a First Aid kit in the van. 

We prefer to have one main contact for your group as a group leader. This makes the communication a little easier. But we can communicate with individuals directly when needed - that's perfectly fine. 

Your guide will be your driver and chief explainer (and investigator in some cases)!  You will determine the times you'd like to be on your own. There's no problem for you to express that and the guide will no doubt appreciate some sanctioned time off!

Our restaurant recommendations start with your preferences. But we also go with our experience and network, along with restaurant reviews and whether they take reservations. Depending on the group size it can be difficult to get a larger group through a meal without long waits.  All that being said, we go for the best quality - ideally with some local fresh food and local culture mixed in. We want our guests to be well fed, be happy and have a memorable meal! 

Yes, that's a pretty common question and we normally solve it by having a trailer hooked to the transport vehicle to support recreation gear. 

We have quite a bit of flexibility for where your tour starts.  Generally it's best to start the North Island leg in Auckland, where most international flights arrive, and the South Island portion from Christchurch.  But again, this depends on your itinerary and we can easily work with you on this question.  

We will need at least one person in the tour group that speaks English that can work with us on the itinerary.  If you want a guided tour (with a driver/guide) we would do our best to provide a guide with the proper language skills or add an interpreter as an extra guide,   

All of our bookings are fully confidential. The names of the travelers and the itinerary will not be shared. We respect your privacy. We don't include any clients in our social media or advertising without their prior written authorization.

If you have more questions, let's talk!