Expert Local Guides

Your local specialist and concierge

At Attune Travel, we provide a very personalized approach to the tour guide selection (for Private Driver/Guide Tours). We carefully assess each group's interests, preferences, and travel style to ensure a great alignment with the guide’s style and background. Whether a group seeks culinary adventures, in-depth historical context, or a relaxed pace, we match them with a guide whose expertise and personality complement their needs. We think this thoughtful process enhances your experience, creating a more valuable and memorable tour.

We’ll also use local guides for hiking and other more specialized experiences, where the guide has an in-depth knowledge of a specific location or subject matter.  This might be a person with a deep understanding of the local flora and fauna for a particular hiking trail or for a winery tour, the owner or guest service manager.  We try to drill down for the best possible expertise we can deliver, with the goal of giving you useable knowledge to take with you and a rich, unforgettable experience.